Biaggini Frigoriferi
I professionisti del freddo per un freddo professionale

Personalised solutions

Our Technical Department is able to install reliable and cost-effective systems with innovative technologies, developed with the greatest respect for nature and in accordance with the various directives and existing standards in our profession, such as SIA, SUVA, ORRchim, PED.

We propose techniques for refrigeration with HFC, CO2 refrigerants, or through secondary circuits with glycol or heat (i.e. brine water), according to the recommendations in force and with the experience of projects that have already been realized.

Based on our comittment to personalized installment services, you can count on our solid experience that is able to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your wishes and your needs.

Biaggini SA is an ideal partner that will bring to fruition your most ambitious projects in the vast field of refrigeration technology.