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Kältering group

Kältering (Ring of cold) is a company that was founded in 1966 upon an idea of bringing togheter the leading companies in the field of commercial refrigeration, scattered throughout Switzerland. The aim was to create a nationwide network of authorized manufacturers' representatives for purchasing refrigeration materials. Mr. Eugenio Biaggini Sr. was one of the founding members, along with Willy Goetz and Alfred Bucher.

Kältering AG is now the largest company in Switzerland, which employs more than 300 qualified refrigeration mechanics and about 30 apprentices trained every year.

Its head office is in Wilderswil (Interlaken). Besides its original idea of commercial refrigeration buying, Kältering is also responsible for sales to such companies as Valora, Tamoil, Shell, Migrol, Mc Donald’s, etc.

Currently, Kältering AG comprises ten member companies which in turn own its entire share capital.


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