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Cold rooms construction

For more than fifty years, the company has been engaged in the construction of cold storage facilities.

Cold rooms are constructed with appropriate isolation according to the internal temperature demand.

Nowadays, this isolation is performed by means of insulation panels with polyurethane foam coated on both sides with galvanized sheet metal and enamel finish.

These panels are made according to the size of the room to be insulated, they are fitted togheter and then siliconized.

There are different models for the doors: swinging, sliding, sliding electrically, fire resistant, etc.

Lately, cold storage flooring has experienced big developments, insulation can be provided through traditional polyuretane panels placed over a vapor barrier; then a 8 cm grout is made. Otherwise, insulation can be made with a vacuum insulation technique that allows you to isolate a coldroom with a 4 cm thick gauge. A 4 cm thick floor made of epoxy mortar can be placed on this isolation, including special cold storage cells, thus avoiding large depressions in the floor or by providing access to the ramps without big slopes.

Today we are able to construct cold rooms ranging from 1 sq.m to more than 4000 sq.m for large distribution centers.

Examples of cold storage:
Cold rooms for private homes
Cold rooms for products of fruits and vegetables
Cold rooms for dairy products
Cold rooms for meat products and delicacies
Cold rooms for wine storage and processing
Cold rooms for cheese storage and processing
Cold rooms for fish storage and processing
Cold storage cells and deep freezers

Cold storage cells and deep freezers


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